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Ah, back in the days when I was a dancer...

I started dancing in 1986. In '87, I was accepted into the UCLA dance program. I received a grant to study with the world famous Bella Lewitzky Dance Company in the summer of 1988. At UCLA, I was awarded the Clifton Webb award for dance, and performed and choreographed with UCLA High School Touring Dance Company, UC Dance Theatre, and the UCLA Dance Company.

After college, I performed as a member of Tina Gerstler/Danceworks and David Leahy & Co. I also performed with Lori DuPeron and the IT Squad, Hae Kyung Lee & Dancers, Young Ae Park & Dancers, L.A. Modern Dance & Ballet Co. and Chopsticks & Sneakers. My choreography has been commissioned by L.A. Modern Dance & Ballet Co. and the L.A. Cultural Affairs Department, as well as presented throughout California, including Dance Kaleidoscope in Los Angeles. I took a very long hiatus from performance beginning in late 1993 and briefly returned with the Honolulu Dance Theatre in December, 2000.  I believe I'm now retired, but would welcome the opportunity to help dance organizations as a volunteer, board member or in any other effective and useful capacity.

Kaleidoscope Program

"Formal Request" (1991)
Choreography by Leo Tee
Caravan Studio Theatre, Los Angeles
Photo by Sally Spencer

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